Waugh Path - Extension



As a result of numerous alterations over the years, the client’s property bore a somewhat unconventional layout that did not offer any kind of natural transition through the building. The aspect and orientation of the property coupled with a recent conservatory addition left the property with no definable front door access. This was only afforded through the side/back door entrance into the existing Kitchen.

The brief for this project was to extend the property to incorporate a new open plan Kitchen and Living space and re-configure the existing layout to create a more useable layout with new delineated front door access and increased natural transition through the internal spaces.

The extension design incorporated modern material finishes comprising of smooth cement render, timber cladding, and alu-clad windows and doors. The finished design also incorporated 2 no. new roof windows within a vaulted roof structure to invite as much addition natural daylight into the new spaces as possible.