Craigiebield Crescent



The clients came to us with the brief that we find to be common place nowadays. Those of forming a warm, open, clear, family spaces where everyone can be together even when in different rooms/areas.

As designers we were hopeful that the clients would buy into our ideas for a contemporary shell to their new space and we were fortunate enough in this instance to find clients whose ideas were very close to our own.

With the use of modern materials we were able to form an aesthetically pleasing extension which enhances the existing building whilst offering the perfect family space.

"This was our first engagement with any architectural team and the guys at D2 were fabulous at explaining the processes that we needed to go through. In addition, although we had some ideas on what we had in mind David was great at being able to visualize these for us and adapt them to what was possible whilst adding his own insights at the same time. Would recommend the team at D2 to anyone who was asking – great, attentive service."